Louise has studied massage in its many forms, after first being guided into Reiki energy healing, many years ago.  She recognised early on, that there is a fundamental need for therapeutic healing touch, which then lead her to practise massage therapy.  Louise now combines all her vast knowledge and techniques into her most popular and beneficial treatment, The Intuitive Massage. 


 Louise has been on her own journey of healing and self discovery, overcoming many obstacles herself using Energy awareness, body therapies and self discovery.   During treatment sessions, her aim is to empower you, to share her knowlege, enabling you to become your own healing guide.  Louise is also a Reiki Master Teacher, teaching in small groups, sharing her knowledge and experience in a natural and relaxed way.  Having studied at least 10 different massage styles and also several healing modalities, Louise is always expanding her knowledge to continue her professional development.  

Combining deep and ancient wisdom along with modern practises, you are in safe and caring hands.   


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