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Fascinating Fascia

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Myofasical Release

First, lets start by finding out what exactly the fascia is. It is a web like structure that covers every nerve ending, muscle, bone, organ, heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord, down to the blood and cells in your body. It strong yet flexible, it holds memory. Its interwoven and interconnected, like a knitted jumper, so imagine when you a thread and it tugs at the other side of the jumper. This is a simplified version of how linked the Fascia is. The pain and tightness in your shoulder, could be related to tension in the fascia in your knee for instance.

When this amazing structure is injured, through physical injury or psychological damage like stress or depression, pain signal are sent to the spinal cord which triggers the damage response to the area and the surrounding tissues. Restricting blood flow, causing more tension, sending more pain signals, restricting blood flow, more tightening etc. If left untreated this continues causing more and more pain and holding the tension and trauma within the tissues.

Fascinating Fascia!!!

Myofascial release technique MFR helps to smooth this fascinating fascia, its gentle and soothing, allowing the body and fascia to gently unwind, releasing this pattern of pain and tension.

In any healing situation, physical or emotional, body work is essential as the memory of the trauma or stress needs to be released from the entire being. By incorporating massage into your wellness journey, you are treating holistically, the entire system. As thats what we are , a complex interwoven system which all require balance and harmony for true healing to occur.

Our bodies are amazing, fascinating and interwoven. Treating just one aspect can have brilliant results, but to treat holistically has profound and long lasting results.

Love your body, treat it with the respect it deserves. #fasciarelease #traumarelease #healing #emotionalhealing #holistic #stress

Love and blessings

Louise Holistics for All

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