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Wonderful Womb

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

How often as women do we connect with our womb space ? During sex ? During childbirth ? During menstruation ? Do we feel disconnected from our sacred power centre ?

For many years women have been disconnected from their womb and their source of creative healing energy

The womb or sacred place has been sexualised, shamed and medicalised

Well now it’s time to reconnect Reclaim this space Heal this space

You can start to reconnect by being aware of your pelvic area. Imagine a bowl there, imagine and tune into how it feels, walk your imagination around it. Breath deeply into your pelvic bowl. Allow the flow of creative energy there.

Throughout your day bring your awareness there

How does it feel ? Tight ? Tense ? No sensation ? There is no right or wrong here, we are learning to be here, in this sacred space, re visiting and building the connection.

Just keep breathing into this space x place your hands here and send loving energy x #wombhealing #wombhealth #womenshealth #holistichealth #holistics


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